About Rare Panthers

The Rare Panthers are a derivative of RAREBANDY’s iconic original character, Rarie Panther. Rare Panthers represents EXACTLY what IRL panthers have represented throughout history: Natural born leaders, royalty, power, change, aids in revolution, and renewing old systems. 

On October 2nd, 2021 the first panther, Rare Panther #1 hit the blockchain, establishing the Rare Panthers as an OG community in the web3 space and the beginning of an ongoing project founded on creative freedom and innovation. The Rare Panthers Genesis collection consists of 100 hand drawn 1 of 1 NFTs and 1 limited edition spooky spirit with 10 editions. View the Genesis Collection here.

Inspired by the genesis collection and the thriving community, the Rare Panthers 1k generative was born. The sold out Rare Panthers 1k generative project released on December 26th, 2021 and consists of 1,000 randomly generated NFTs. View the Rare Panthers 1k here

The Rare Panther community currently embodies authenticity, creativity, innovation, and togetherness and are the forefront of both our movement and lifestyle brand. Joining the community is simple! Just purchase a Rare Panther NFT from either collection and engage with the community on twitter here, or on discord.