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Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to create a moment with Bandy. In making it a point to include my collectors/supporters a personal bridge into Bandyland, I’ll be extending this offer once a year, first come first serve.


My vision for my art and characters is to be a household brand and what better way to do that than offer a lower cost option for you to collect a piece created just for you to hang proudly in your home.


  • Each size option is limited.
  • I will never create the same piece or produce any duplicate prints.
  • I maintain full creative freedom to create.
  • No revisions. Unless there is a detailed featured that completely alters the final piece. Ex: Misspelled name


Once your order is placed you will receive a email for you to complete a form to begin the process.


Expect to receive your final artwork in the mail within 15 Business Days after form is submitted.


All prints will be quality checked, numbered (1/1), signed, stamped and authenticated by Bandy.


*** FAQ in the works ***

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